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Thursday, August 21, 2014

They've been watching @thenation since 1921...

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We can't wait for mainstream media to wake up

We can't wait for mainstream media to wake up
Dear Friend of The Nation,

"It is hard to imagine a greater threat to the Constitution's system of checks and balances than having the CIA spy on the computers used by the very Senate staff carrying out the Senate's constitutional duty of oversight over the executive branch," said Christopher Anders, senior legislative counsel of the ACLU, in a statement."It was made worse by CIA Director John Brennan's misleading the American people in denying any wrongdoing. These latest developments are only the most recent manifestations of a CIA that seems to believe that it is above and beyond the law. An uncontrolled—and seemingly uncontrollable—CIA threatens the very foundations of our Constitution."

At The Nation, we strive not just to keep you abreast of the threat to our constitutional rights—we fight to tell you the unpopular truths so often ignored by most mainstream media.

But we cannot do this alone. To continue standing up for progressive issues that affect us, we rely on the support of loyal readers like you.

An inquiry by CIA Inspector General David Buckley determined that five CIA employees, two lawyers and three information technology specialists obtained access to what was supposed to be a secure network for the Senate staffers. And this sort of skulduggery isn't anything new.

Surveillance Nation, a fascinating and timeless alternative history on the rise of the surveillance state.

It's yours in PDF for a gift of $25 or more.

"Intelligence agencies have undermined the constitutional rights of citizens, primarily because checks and balances designed by the framers of the Constitution to assure accountability have not been applied." This statement was from the 1976 investigative report conducted by Idaho Democratic Senator Frank Church.

This summer, on the first anniversary of Edward Snowden's revelations, we published Surveillance Nation—Critical Reflections on Privacy and Its Threats: Articles From The Nation, 1931 to 2014. With an introduction by David Cole, The Nation's legal affairs editor, it's a feast for anyone concerned about the widespread abuses of surveillance that have recently come to light.

As Cole writes in the forward, "Time and again, writers for The Nation identified threats to privacy and liberty long before they were acknowledged by the broader public and media. "

Your support is needed to keep The Nation strong. Please make a critical one-time contribution of $5 or more to keep The Nation—and truth in journalism—alive.

Thanks again,
The Nation

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