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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Nation on Watergate

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Four decades ago, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States when audiotapes confirmed what many had long suspected: a crook was living in the White House. Few publications covered Nixon's dangerous career as diligently or as critically as The Nation. Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein have been justly acknowledged, but equally important was a national conversation about what Watergate said about American democracy. For that, The Nation was indispensable.

For the first time, that coverage has been collected in our latest e-book, Smoking Gun, The Nation on Watergate, 1952 – 2010, with an introduction by former US Representative Elizabeth Holtzman, who served on the House Judiciary Committee and voted to impeach.

As early as 1952, Nixon presented "a remarkable lesson in political demagoguery," a Nation writer argued. In 1959, James MacGregor Burns considered whether Nixon was wickedly immoral or merely amoral (he went with the latter). Following the Watergate break-in, The Nation's crusading editor at the time, Carey McWilliams, wrote "The Mafia Metaphor," with pleas for the press to focus attention on the scandal before the election of 1972.

In June 1973, The Nation published one of the first demands that Nixon resign.

As Elizabeth Holtzman writes in her introduction: "Neither Congress nor the courts have taken the Watergate example to heart and stood firmly against presidential crimes or serious misconduct."

"Nixon's successors have been expanding the powers of the presidency for four decades now," editor Richard Kreitner writes in the preface, "Smoking Gun is a thrilling history, but it is also a user's manual for how a democratic society under threat can wake up and take those powers back."

This is a special announcement to our community of readers and supporters: Smoking Gun is available to you as an e-book or a paperback through eBookNation.

By purchasing this unique collection, you are helping to sustain The Nation's journalism while supporting our writers and progressive ideals

Join the conversation. Download an e-book or order a paperback today! And thank you.



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