Friday, August 22, 2014


Inventory of Blog Activity reveals a total of 16,050 post on the 12 TQ pages you see listed to your left. Total views are 1,167,994.
I have to check for the exact date, but it's going on 8 years now.
I've let it bloat beyond what I should have and tried to connect each post to twitter and facebook as I proceeded.
I'm ambivalent about the relative success of this project, which if you recall, if you've been with us since the beginning, was originally to be a nexus for extended family to communicate with each other in a more public forum that private mail, but not using the established networking sites. That idea blew away years ago, but I still think it was the proper direction and today I've been mulling over a way to harness this TQ nemesis and put it back on the track that it started on. I'm going to kick some of these network habits and present an integrated system that will once again revolve around the nuclei of these 12 Google Blogs. I'm going to try to set up the comment function again, but don't hesitate to contact me at the Google account that supports this page