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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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I'm Fernando Lavin, an aspiring photographer from Spain!

I have been shooting with a Sony NEX-5R for 2 years since then I started working in a series called The Edge Collection about architecture focusing mostly in the corners of the buildings. Also I am trying to self-publish a mini-zine of the series with several images from it. Meanwhile I'm trying to move and discover other styles like street photo, and of course improving and leaning everyday.

Any comments, questions or advice is very welcome! Please check my Tumblr out here!

#photographers on tumblr #architecture #black and white #urban #submission

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I took this photograph from the stairs of the Nebotičnik (skyscraper) in Ljubljana. I spent the first half of 2014 living there as part of my PhD studies on hardcore punk in 1980's Yugoslavia. I'm originally from Essex in England but live and study in Norwich. My photography documents my travels and day to day life, and I also frequently take photos at punk gigs, so anything I produce ends up being relatively diverse. I don't have any grand expectations or ambitions except to take photographs for myself. 

Flickr (updated regularly)

Cargo Collective

Hardcore Ljubljana

#black and white #documentary #landscape #night #travel #submission

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Check out cassiesteele's infectious new EP, Patterns, streaming exclusively on Spotify this week!

Hit Play now to tune in.

#cassie steele #spotify #patterns #music #new music

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