Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The David Pakman Show - May 28, 2014

The David Pakman Show - May 28, 2014
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On today's BONUS SHOW: Oklahoma City approves a liquor license at a shooting range, Sir Christopher Lee releases another metal album, "Glassholes" team up against a NYC restaurant, more...Get it now!

On the Show - Click to listen & watch:

--Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma, Anglican priest and the senior religion and sexuality researcher at Political Research Associates, joins David to discuss right-wing conservative influence in pushing anti-gay and sexist laws in Africa

--Glenn Beck finds a way to blame progressives for the California drive-by shootings

--Sam Wurzelbacher, also knows as Joe the plumber, tells the parents of California shooting victims that their "dead kids don't trump his constitutional rights"

--Gun "activists" flaunting their assault rifles are kicked out of fast food restaurants

--The missing Nigerian girls, who were captured by militant Islamic group Boko Haram, are found but can't be brought back

--Hatriot Mail

--Neil deGrasse Tyson's "Cosmos" is really agitating the conservatives

--Kim Jong Un's girlfriend, who was believed to be executed months ago, appears on North Korean television

--California will grant licences for driverless cars

--Voicemail on the Gordon situation and going against your values for votes

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