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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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Dear Terry:
Thank you for joining Voices for Public Transit. You're part of a growing movement dedicated to public transportation improvements and expansion across America.
Our future is riding on public transportation, and we need a strong national commitment to making it available to more people than ever before.
For millions of Americans, public transit is essential. Buses and trains connect people to work, family and friends, medical services, and activities. For those who can't drive—including people with disabilities and older Americans—public transit is often the only option.
Even for people who don't ride, public transit has many benefits. It boosts local economies, eases traffic congestion, and reduces air pollution.
Voices for Public Transit was formed because we can and must make our public transportation system even better. Many systems need to be revitalized and expanded. We need to integrate newer, more-efficient technologies. In addition, our population is growing. In a few decades, the U.S. will be home to more than 400 million people. We cannot rely on current transit services—or road and freeway systems—alone to keep America moving.
We need to invest in America's public transit infrastructure:
  • For our economy
  • Our quality of life
  • Our growing population
Voices for Public Transit is determined to see this happen—and we're grateful that you're part of this effort.
I hope you'll participate actively in Voices for Public Transit—online and in your local community. And I hope you'll ask your neighbors, family, and friends to get involved as well.
Best regards,
Rose Sheridan
Voices for Public Transit Community Leader

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