Monday, September 16, 2013


Prakash Lohani shared a status update.
I was in Dhade Phedi, a little hamlet about 50 km from Kathmandu on the shores of the Dhade river that drains to Suryamati and then to Trisuli river. I was visiting my friends after a long gap and we were all happy to meet and share the political gossip that seems to be the passion of the people, especially since the announcement of the general election. The village has't changed much and yet there are new signs of hope and development. There is now electricity and almost everyone has mobile phone. There is also a high school and the head master Amrit whom I have know for many years proudly told me that they now have ten computers and that the school is planning to run computer courses in the future. His main problem was a leaking roof that caused havoc during the moonsoon season. The district education office did not have the funds and here was Amrit trying t find a way to resolve his battle with nature. He told me that he needed two hundred thousand rupees for the repair work and that of course is a lot of money for the people of Dhade Phedi to raise on their own. We discussed the problem.

Toget to Dhade Phedi I had to walk for over an hour from a place known as Shera. From Shera we crossed the Tadi river on a suspension bridge and then the walk. Normally a one hour walk is fun but not this time.It was noon time; the temperature was 36 degree and it was hot and humid. On the right side of the trail was a sal forest gradually giving way to rice fields that ended on the shores of the Dhade river. On the other side of the river one could see rice fields again slowly leading to sal forest and scattered settlements on hills rising fast as if they are determined to challenge the sky to meet with the deities that are supposed to be a part of the infinity that is the space. The scenary was breath taking but the heat and humidity at noon was not something I could appreciate.
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