Sunday, September 22, 2013

Puerto Rico holds public hearings on #420 bill


I don't remember PR pushing so hard to get a thing passed. I think part of the push is the over crowded jails. So over crowded that some people are sent to the jail on St. Croix, Virgin Island. Puerto Rico is poor and they spend vast amounts of money trying to convict and then house people for smoking a weed, that will grown almost every where. The theory that smoking Pot leads to stronger drugs is a bunch of hooey invented by the fearful and  ignorant. In my hippy days I started with acid then speed and finally that nice mellow non addictive weed, that so many are afraid of, called by most, Pot. In my hippy days I didn't look at Pot as being beneficial to my health. Now in my sixty sixth year with arthritis, I pray that they pass this thing. For fear of ending up in jail I do not imbibe. In Puerto Rico, jail time for pot is three years. 
  Looking at the bigger picture and prices due to taxes just went up, if you are twenty one or over you can buy a pack of cigarettes. Does tobacco help my arthritis, no. Does the government shut down tobacco companies, no. Why not you might wonder. Taxes my friends, taxes. Our government is running out of money and for that reason alone I think that very soon Pot will be legal and heavily taxed. I think you will be able to go out and buy a pack of weed, which will be cut with, one can only guess. So I say to the people that are smoking it now, save your seeds, because what will be out in the market place if the government decides to take over will only remotely resemble what is out there today.  To all you people that have been fighting for so long and so hard to get Pot legalized, hats off to you. I believe in miracles. 
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