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Monday, September 30, 2013

& Views | The NSA Deserves a Permanent Shutdown

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News & Views | 09.30.13
Norman Solomon: The NSA Deserves a Permanent Shutdown
Midnight Showdown: US Government Shutdown Imminent
Target or Not, the NSA is Storing the Metadata of Millions
As Planet Warms, US Watersheds Go Thirsty
Netanyahu Makes Rounds in Challenge to US Peace with Iran
Assad: I will Comply with UN Call to Dismantle Chem. Weapons
and more...
Subhankar Banerjee: Why Climate Deniers Are Plain Wrong
Donna Smith: On the Eve of Obamacare: Too Smart to Really Fix Our Health Care System, So We Count the Dead
Chris Hedges: The Sparks of Rebellion
Dilip Hiro: A World in Which No One Is Listening to the Planet's Sole Superpower
Bernie Sanders: A Single-Payer System, Like Medicare, is the Cure for America's Ailing Healthcare
Robert Kuttner: Beyond the Shutdown
Dean Baker: Thank the GOP for the Shutdown and Holding the Economy Hostage
The Yes Men: Pipeline Company's PR Dream Turns Into a Nightmare
Reprieve: Edinburgh University ditches drone firm investments

Concerned Citizens for Justice: Judge Orders Chattanooga Police to Get Jobs Back After Shocking Beating Caught on Tape
and more...

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Chapter 1
The vanity of all temporal things.
[1] The words of Ecclesiastes, the son of David, king of Jerusalem. 
2] Vanity of vanities, said Ecclesiastes vanity of vanities,
and all is vanity. 
[3] What hath a man more of all his labour,
that he taketh under the sun? 
[4] One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh:
but the earth standeth for ever. 
[5] The sun riseth, and goeth down, and returneth to his place:
and there rising again,
[6] Maketh his round by the south, and turneth again to the north:
the spirit goeth forward surveying all places round about,
and returneth to his circuits. 
[7] All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea doth not overflow:
unto the place from whence the rivers come, they return, to flow again. 
[8] All things are hard: man cannot explain them by word.
The eye is not filled with seeing, neither is the ear filled with hearing. 
[9] What is it that hath been? the same thing that shall be.
What is it that hath been done? the same that shall be done. 
[10] Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say:
Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us.
[11] There is no remembrance of former things:
nor indeed of those things which hereafter are to come,
shall there be any remembrance with them that shall be in the latter end. 
[12] I Ecclesiastes was king over Israel in Jerusalem, 
[13] And I proposed in my mind to seek and search out wisely
concerning all things that are done under the sun.
This painful occupation hath God given to the children of men, to be exercised therein. 
[14] I have seen all things that are done under the sun,
and behold all is vanity, and vexation of spirit.
[15] The perverse are hard to be corrected, 
        and the number of fools is infinite

Sunday, September 29, 2013


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What is Errl Doing In My Bong?
What is Errl Doing In My Bong?
What is Errl Doing In My Bong and How Did he Get In There? What is Errl You Ask ? Errl is wax it self. Wax is concentrated THC without any plant matter. In which no plant matter means safer for the...
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega
What is ENV2 and How is it Going to Revolutionize Internet Marketing?...
What is ENV2 and How is it Going to Revolutionize Internet Marketing?...
What is ENV2 and How is it Going to Revolutionize Internet Marketing?
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega
Blog Beast | Destini Ingoldsby\'s Blog
Blog Beast | Destini Ingoldsby\'s Blog
The count down has begun for what will be one of the largest internet launches that will ever meet the online marketing world! Blog Beast is going to take blog to a whole new level, this complete new software doesn t exist anywhere online and...
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega
Working For Ayla – The Missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds Missing...
Working For Ayla – The Missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds Missing...
Working For Ayla – The Missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds Mom of Missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds on Tuesday disclosed new information regarding purported blood evidence discovered in th...
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega
A Colton Ca. 2 year old was Mauled by Dogs, Who is to blame?
A Colton Ca. 2 year old was Mauled by Dogs, Who is to blame?
On Monday A Colton 2 year old Mauled by Dogs Colton Ca. Law Enforcement officials say a 2-year-old boy Samuel Eli Zamundo Was fatally mauled by as many as five dogs. Continue Reading Here (W...
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega
Mother of Missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds Speaks Out (Working for...
Mother of Missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds Speaks Out (Working for...
Mom of Missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds on Tuesday disclosed new information regarding purported blood evidence discovered in the home where the 20-month-old was claimed missing December 17, 2011. Continue Reading Here (Mom Speaks...
Daniel Vega
Daniel Vega
Watch The New Season 5, Episode 12 of Breaking Bad Entitled Rabid...
This week’s Breaking Bad episode started off right where we left off Last Sunday: Jesse pouring gasoline on the carpet in Walt’s house soon after he realized is was Walt who had the ricin cigarette stolen from him and poisoned Brock with Lily of...
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Viewer's Mom Turning Extremely Right-Wing: What To Do?

Try to get a court to commit her?
Sell her to a tribe of Bedouins?

Obamacare up in smoke -- AND government shutdown?

Did you read the news? Republicans are now willing to shut down the government to try and stop Obamacare. They've made a historic mistake. Can you help us raise $200,000 more to counter the right-wing's Obamacare smear campaign? Click here to chip in. 

Urgent: Right-wing groups have launched a multi-million-dollar misinformation campaign to convince young people that they're better off uninsured than participating in Obamacare. Their goal is to make Barack Obama's signature achievement fail, no matter what the cost. Can you donate $5 to help fight back?

Chip in $5
Dear MoveOn member,

Starting on October 1, America will take a huge step towards universal health care. That's the day that 22 million uninsured Americans will be able to start getting affordable health insurance under Obamacare.

But now, with just weeks to go, right-wing groups have launched a multi-million-dollar campaign to torpedo Obamacare before it even gets started.1
Their plan: Mislead young people about how the law works so they get scared and don't enroll. The problem is that it really could work because if younger, healthier people don't participate, then costs will skyrocket and Obamacare will fail. Period.
It's disgusting—people could actually die because they don't get the health insurance they need, and our entire health care system would be thrown into chaos. But these groups are so blinded by hate for Barack Obama that they'll do anything to make his signature program go up in smoke.
To fight back, MoveOn is launching an urgent campaign of our own to debunk right-wing lies and go after Republican politicians and media outlets that spread misinformation—but we need to raise at least $250,000 in the next 72 hours to make sure we have the resources to set the record straight.
Can you donate in $5 to fund our urgent campaign to save Obamacare?
Conservatives are so desperate to stop Obamacare from succeeding that they're literally telling people to "burn your Obamacare card"—even though these cards don't even exist.2
Our plan is to counter their misinformation campaign with a laser-like focus on social media and the websites where young people spend the most time. Young people live on the Internet today, and reaching them online is far cheaper than with traditional TV advertising.
Just for starters, we'll be able to put an ad on the Facebook pages of 18- to 35-year-olds across America, and we'll also run ads in college newspapers—right as students return to school—explaining the truth about what Obamacare means for young people.
We've seen these kinds of right-wing scare tactics work before—lies about Social Security have convinced an entire generation of young people that that program won't be around in the future. And polling shows that awareness about the new program is dangerously low among the young people who need health insurance most.3 
We can't just sit back and hope for the best. And the clock's ticking. We've got just weeks to fight back—and we've got just 72 hours until Sunday afternoon, when we'll look at what's come in, decide how big we can go with this campaign, and get started. Can you chip in?

Yes, I'll chip in $5 to make sure right-wing extremists can't kill health care reform.

We know from the past that MoveOn can run effective campaigns to debunk lies and misinformation. During the last election, we lampooned Mitt Romney's lies with truth and humor, and it worked.
So, can you help us debunk the lies again?

We've reached a critical moment. Summer's ending. School's starting. And with just weeks to go, young people are starting to tune in. We've got a plan. We're literally ready to wire money to our ad vendor and get started. But we're 100% member-funded—and we can only do this campaign the right way if enough MoveOn members chip in.
MoveOn members were integral in passing the Affordable Care Act. We've come too far and fought too hard to let right-wing extremists succeed at making sure health care reform fails. Can you help out? Click below to donate $5 and help fund our urgent campaign stop the right-wing effort to kill Obamacare before it gets started.
Thanks for all you do.
–Mark, Rosy, Manny, Eric, and the rest of the team
1. "Inside the Obamacare resistance," The Washington Post, August 1, 2013
2. Ibid.
3. "Young Adults' Obamacare Awareness Low Ahead of Rollout, Survey Says," The Huffington Post, August 21, 2013

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 8 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

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