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Sunday, June 24, 2012

THIS WEEK: Evolving a City with David Sloan Wilson

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Evolving a City with David Sloan Wilson
Krista's Journal: June 21, 2012

About the Image
Students at Regents Academy, a school for kids who have failed classes and are at risk of dropping out of High School.

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Bell Sound Meditation
Bell Sound Meditation

Our weekend exercise. Try this 10-minute bell sound meditation and then share your experience with us.

Ian Ruhter video screen grab
What Would You Be Willing to Sacrifice?

A video that's so heartbreakingly gorgeous and unswerving in its emotional sway, it'll have you pondering your own station in life.

Calvin and Hobbes: Math Is a Religion
Calvin and Hobbes: Math Is a Religion

A classic comic on faith in equations. "You take two numbers and when you add them, they magically become one new number!"

Lovingkindness (Metta) Meditation with Sylvia Boorstein
Lovingkindness (Metta) Meditation with Sylvia Boorstein

Somewhat unexpectedly, the Buddhist teacher offered to lead this meditation for 350 folks during our live event. The result? A magical experience. Try it for yourself and let us know if it translates for you.

The Quiet Man
The Quiet Man

If St. Francis is right, and our actions speak louder than our words, then you might say this man's father was never quiet. A lovely essay by Norman Allen.

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The Inward Work of Democracy
(June 28, 2012)
As young democracies emerge around the world, we take a long view of the ingredients that formed this democracy well beyond July 4, 1776. The philosopher Jacob Needleman reminds us of the inward work of conscience behind institutions and political values that Americans now take for granted.

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Evolving a City
David Sloan Wilson believes that evolution is not just a description of how we got here. He says it can also be a tool kit for improving how we live together. He's taken what he's learned in studying evolution in animals and is now applying it to the behavior of groups in his hometown of Binghamton, New York. His goal is to help people behave pro-socially — at their best, and for the good of the whole.

Two Weeks in Turkey

Krista is off this week after having spent ten days conducting interviews in Istanbul, Turkey and moderating discussions at the Halki Summit on Global Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability with some of the world's leading thinkers on climate change and the environment. She will resume writing her journal next week.

We Recommend Reading:
The Neighborhood Project by David Sloane WilsonThe Neighborhood Project: Using Evolution to Improve My City, One Block at a Time
by David Sloane Wilson

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