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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Savings on Ken Burns films

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A Summertime Grilling Guide


To celebrate the release of A Summertime Grilling Guide from The Splendid Table, I am attempting to grill my way through the book's many surprising recipes. To catch up on previous dishes and read extended journal entries, you can follow my blog here.

It's graduation season, and this year my nephew graduated from Mason City High School and will be moving on to college. The graduation and family party consumed my last two weekends, so I have brought in Elizabeth Parsons to help with the cooking blog. It is also gives me another chance to thank her for her work on A Summertime Grilling Guide.

Elizabeth Parsons's love for cooking attracted her to indexing cookbooks, and now she indexes the majority of the cookbooks from Clarkson Potter. She undertook the project of indexing our Grilling Guide and completed it in just two days. While she was indexing the manuscript she found many recipes she wished to cook. Here are her thoughts on a few:

The Somalian Bizbaz Sauce: "I had never bought a Serrano chile before — and I held my breath while cutting into it and removing the seeds. I tossed ingredients into the food processor, and the odor of cilantro and garlic were intoxicating. I stirred in the yogurt, added salt and pepper and tasted it. It was unusual, delicious, and quite addictive. I poured it over steamed cauliflower with dinner. The next day, I poured it over salad greens in lieu of a salad dressing. Today, I ate it with a spoon directly from the glass jar." The dressing must be wonderful if she ate it from the jar. I can't wait to try this recipe.

Essential Grilled Steak with Chopped Fresh Summer Herbs: "Unbelievable. I took it off the grill on the early side, not wanting to risk turning a pricey porterhouse steak into shoe leather. I let it rest under foil for about ten minutes while preparing the chopped parsley and lemon. I decided to blend the parsley, lemon and oil into a mock gremolata. The steak was delicious without the topping, but once I tasted the topping, I went into the kitchen and took about five more spoonfuls of my "gremolata" and consumed it with bites of steak, and then simply straight from my fork." I sampled this at the photoshoot and for many of us, it was the most wonderful steak we had ever consumed. Lynne wrapped the second sample in foil and took it home to her husband. She indicated it was still warm when she got there and said the steak got even better as the herbs and flavor had soaked into the porterhouse.

Many thanks to Elizabeth — first for indexing A Summertime Grilling Guide and then for providing me with these notes so I could enjoy a family celebration.

Follow along with my continued adventures as I grill my way through the new A Summertime Grilling Guide from The Splendid Table and share your grilling experiences with us on our Facebook fanpage.

David Edin
Merchandise Manager

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