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Friday, June 15, 2012

Men Demand Birth Control | GOP Blocks Paycheck Fairness | Forced to Pay Thousands for Being Gay


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Stop Our Sperm, Please! Many Men Demand Male Birth Control - Why Don't We Have Any?

Men should have an option beyond condoms and vasectomy. READ MORE

Irin Carmon / Salon

War On Women Extends to Their Paychecks: Senate Republicans Refuse to Pass Paycheck Fairness Act

The Paycheck Fairness Act would give women a shot at making the same as men for the same work--but the Senate GOP wouldn't even allow a vote on it. READ MORE

Mariya Strauss / AlterNet

Widow Forced to Pay Hundreds of Thousands in Taxes Because She Was Married to a Woman, Not a Man

Because of DOMA, the woman was forced to pay enormous sums on her wife's share of their assets — sums she would not have had to pay if she had been married to a man. READ MORE

Jill Filipovic / Feministe

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The Fascinating Story of the Original Sexual Revolution

We tend to think of sex as something primal and unchanging, but nothing could be further from the truth. READ MORE

By Laura Miller / Salon


Bring on the Gay Boy Scouts

A new challenge sheds light on a horribly outdated policy. It's time for the Scouts' exclusionary rules to end. READ MORE

By Mary Elizabeth Williams / Salon


How Queer Activists Are Getting the Better of Conservatives

LGBT organizations are behaving in unconventional ways -- and their strategies may outfox conservative bigotry. READ MORE

By Pam Chamberlain / Political Research Associates

Michigan Bans Two Female Reps From Future Debates Because of 'Outburst' and the Word Vagina
By Robin Marty | RH Reality Check


Nobel Prize Winner and Commons Champion Elinor Ostrom, 1933-2012
By Jay Walljasper | On the Commons


Men with Stay-at-Home Wives More Likely to be Sexist in the Workplace
By Jill Filipovic | Feministe


Don't Just Blame the GOP: In Michigan, the "War on Women" is Bipartisan
By Angi Becker Stevens | RH Reality Check


NYC Principal Bans 5th Grader's Marriage Equality Speech
By Angela Lee | AlterNet


Senate Budget Allows D.C. To Fund Abortions for Poor Women
By Robin Marty | RH Reality Check

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