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Friday, May 4, 2012

Will Militarized Police Lead to Another Kent State? | 5 Groups Lobbying to Keep Pot Illegal | Rich Pet Funerals



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Will a Militarized Police Force Facing Occupy Wall Street Lead to Another Kent State Massacre?

Today is the 42nd anniversary of an ugly chapter in American history.READ MORE

Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet

Why Conservatives Believe in Anti-Gay Pseudo-Science

The anti-gay-rights movement's claims about homosexuality are based on the worst kind of junk "science." READ MORE

Chris Mooney / AlterNet

Why the Rich Are Sending Pets on a Diamond-Studded Trip to the Afterlife

Greed springs eternal in the pet loss industry, which can turn your dead pet into a synthetic diamond. READ MORE

Lynn Parramore / AlterNet

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5 Special Interest Groups That Help Keep Marijuana Illegal

There are entrenched interest groups that are spending large sums of money to keep our broken drug laws on the books. READ MORE

By Lee Fang / Republic Report


"It's Not You. It's Jesus." How TV Reflects Our Odd Attitude Towards Chastity

There are three fictional adults grappling with their virginities with varying amounts of shame in big-name TV shows. READ MORE

By Willa Paskin / Salon


Crazy -- Romney Advisor Says Spiraling Inequality Is Good for the Country

Mitt Romney's former partner at Bain Capital has written a book that reveals much about how the super-rich think -- and it's not pretty. READ MORE

By Dean Baker / AlterNet

Signs on May Day represent a missed media story. -

4 May Day Stories the Corporate Media Missed While Fixating On Obama's College Girlfriend

A number of remarkable things happened on May 1. So why is the media so bored with social protest? READ MORE

By Sarah Seltzer / AlterNet


Who's Buying Your Election? New FCC Ruling Requires Broadcasters to Post Data On Ad Purchases

A new ruling by the FCC requires broadcasters to post political advertisement data online, making it easier for the public to see who is buying those ads. READ MORE

By Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez / Democracy Now!


What is Google Doing With the Contents of Your Hard Drive?

When you save files to Google's new hard-drive folder in the cloud, the terms of service you are required to agree to gives Google "worldwide license" to your content. READ MORE

By David Sirota / AlterNet

President Barack Obama addresses the nation from Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, May 1, 2012. -

US-Afghan Pact Won't End War or Hated Night Raids

The Obama administration's success in obscuring the fact that the war will continue for many years down the road is the real story. READ MORE

By Gareth Porter / Inter Press Service

What It's Like When the NYPD Raids Your Apartment At Dawn-- Because Your Roommate is in Occupy
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


Federal Judge Threatens Sanctions Against Oakland Police For 'Military-Type Response' To Occupy Protests
By Tara Culp-Ressler | Think Progress


Nancy Pelosi Condemns Federal Crackdown on Medical Pot, Advocates for Safe Access Instead
By Kristen Gwynne | AlteNet


Cache of Bin Laden Documents Released
By Alex Kane | AlterNet

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