Monday, May 28, 2012


Monday, May 28, 2012

Panic! Don't panic!

With a name like the Crimes Against Children Research Center, you'd almost expect nothing but a stream of bad news to come out of the University of New Hampshire affiliated group of family and youth victimization experts and researchers. After all, this is the age of sexualized prime-time TV shows and commercials, easily scored medication for depression and attention deficit disorders, and cyber bullying. And "sexting," gee whiz, what about all that sexting that's going on?

The return of Front Street

Not too long ago, the mall in downtown Worcester had stores in it; it wasn't a pile of rubble. However, it wasn't exactly a bustling shopping mecca either, with only a few stores and fewer shoppers. Nobody knew what to do with it or how to attract more business. Name changes didn't work. Themes didn't work. Just as ideas seemed to be exhausted, former city planner Dan Benoit stepped up with a new one—a controversial one.

Clean neighborhoods

"This used to be a bad drug neighborhood," says Lornajean Tebow, an Endicott Street resident who has, like her other neighbors, been carefully watching the building at the corner of Endicott and Ward for months now. "It was rocky. Lots of drug activity."

Reconnecting a community

Where Tainter Street once connected a south Worcester neighborhood, a proposed plan for a paved pathway to reconnect the community and provide safety and environmental remediation to the former Brownfield site is underway.

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