Friday, May 11, 2012

Whaddya mean it costs $39 to find out if I even HAVE an FBI file?

Damn surveillance camera! I only wanted to withdraw a little cash so I could offer my fans some TQ lottery incentive. As of 11:30 tonight we've had 310,543 pageviews and posted 11,191 times. I enjoy doing it and I hope you all enjoy seeing what I have to share with you. A big shout out to my friends on Twitter @Jane_WI @elohi-unitsi @Di438 and @RCdeWinter among many others. I don't want to forget to thank those of you who directly follow this blog on your home pages, via e-mail or Google Reader...whatever. I'd still be doing this if no one were watching, but it makes it more satisfing to share. Love to all and spes sibi quisque!

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