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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Subject: Craziest Things Said About OWS | NYPD Cop's Racist Slurs Taped | Jailed for Sending Kids to Better Schools



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10 Craziest Things Said About Occupy Wall Street

From theories about the Muslim Brotherhood, to protesters as closet conservatives, it was truly difficult to narrow this list down to only 10. READ MORE

Lynn Parramore / AlterNet

20 Years in Prison for Sending Your Kids to the Wrong School? Inequality in School Systems Leads Parents to Big Risks

There's a vast difference in quality among public school districts in the US--and parents who try to enroll their kids in better schools may face severe punishment. READ MORE

Rania Khalek / AlterNet

Activists in New York Target 'Governor 1 Percent:' Cuomo Under Fire for Refusing to Extend Millionaire's Tax

Tuesday night, Occupy Wall Street protesters marched to give New York Governor Cuomo the message: stand with the people, not the 1%. READ MORE

Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet

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We Have a First Amendment Right to Protest -- So Why All These Arrests Around Occupy Wall Street?

Many of those detained won't face charges, but the arrests take them off the streets. READ MORE

By Joshua Holland / AlterNet


GOP Debate: Perry and Romney Get Physical; Cain Given Pass on Koch Connections

Perry was determined not to bumble, and came off looking nasty. Romney got rattled and put his hands on Perry. And nobody asked Cain about his connections to David Koch. READ MORE

By Adele M. Stan / AlterNet


NYPD Cop Taped Making Racial Slur About Black Man After Stop-and-Frisk

Allegations of racism in NYPD's stop-and-frisk program are nothing new -- 93 out of every 100 residents were stopped by police in one community. READ MORE

By Jorge Rivas / ColorLines


What We Can Learn from Germany: How Countries With Publicly Owned Banks Do Better Than America

The public bank model remains a viable alternative to the private profiteering being protested on Wall Street today. READ MORE

By Ellen Brown /


Officials from Texas Spark Revolt After Perry Appointees Doctor Environmental Report

Scientists are asking for their names to be removed after mentions of climate change and sea-level rise were taken out by Texas officials. READ MORE

By Suzanne Goldenberg / The Guardian

After Confusing Himself, Cain Decides That Rape Victims Should Be Forced to Carry Pregnancies to Term
By Tanya Somanader | Think Progress


Missouri's Troy Davis: Will Another Potentially Innocent Man Be Killed by the State?
By Brian Evans | Other Words


Romney's Housing Plan: 'Allow Investors to Buy up Homes' by Accelerating Foreclosure Process
By Jed Lewison | Daily Kos


Occupy Wall Street: Jesse Jackson Helps Save Medi-Tent from Cops, Shocking Firsthand Arrest Report, Writers Weigh in and More
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet


Albany Votes to Ban Fracking
By Staff, | AlterNet


Ex Wall-Streeter (And Creator of Viral Charts on Inequality) On Why Wall Street Must Acknowledge Protests
By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet

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