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Wednesday, August 10, 2011



British Riots: Elites "Shocked" The Poor Are Rising Up Against Brutal Austerity Measures

Angry young people with nothing to do and little to lose are turning on their own communities, and they cannot be stopped, and they know it.READ MORE

Laurie Penny / AlterNet

Michele Bachmann Was Inspired By My Dad and His Christian Reconstructionist Friends -- Here's Why That's Terrifying

Bachmann's radical right-wing influences include the most extremist figures in the history of the religious right. READ MORE

Frank Schaeffer / AlterNet

Double-Dip Recession? How Our Dysfunctional Political Class Has Made Another Grueling Collapse Far Likelier

Just a few short months ago, few analysts would say publicly that the American economy was likely to slide into another grueling period of recession. That's changed. READ MORE

Joshua Holland / AlterNet

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Tea Party Terror: An Unholy War to Gain Tyranny of the Majority

We're in the midst of an unholy war by a minority of fanatics who take no prisoners, nor apologize for innocent victims. READ MORE

By Robert Becker / The Smirking Chimp


Wisconsin Recall: Dems Take Back 2 Seats From GOP; Republicans Retain Control of State Senate

Last night's recall elections were the Republicans' to lose. And they lost two seats, while Democrats lost nothing. READ MORE

By Adele M. Stan / AlterNet


How 2 American Whistleblowers Allegedly Tortured in Iraq May Force Donald Rumsfeld to Pay for His Crimes

The U.S. Court of Appeals has refused to dismiss a lawsuit against Rumsfeld for creating policies that caused American civilians to be tortured in Iraq. READ MORE

By Eric W. Dolan / Raw Story


School Vouchers: How the GOP is Using Free Market Philosophy To Wipe Out Public Education

Legislators in at least 30 states introduced ridiculous "voucher" bills that allow (some) kids to take the money for their public education and put it into private schooling. READ MORE

By Julianne Hing / ColorLines


Celebrating Tony Bennett's 85th Birthday ... and His Activism

An interview with Tony Bennett's biographer David Evanier reveals the singing star as more than just a set of pipes. READ MORE

By Barbara S. Jones / Progressive Reader

Noam Chomsky: Is America Taking Its Final Breaths?
By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | AlterNet


On Eve Of Recall, Walker Booed At Wisconsin State Fair
By Tanya Somanader | ThinkProgress


DHS Tells States: We Don't Need Your Approval for Secure Communities
By Julianne Hing | Colorlines


WI Recall Elections Today—What Should We Expect?
By Steve Benen | Washington Monthly


Defense Cuts: More Portents of Bad Deals to Come
By Digby | Hullabaloo

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