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Tuesday, July 26, 2011



The Utterly Wrong Beltway Myth Driving the Debt Ceiling Insanity

Belief in the mythic "swing voter" whose views happen to line up with the Washington establishment is setting the country on a course toward disaster.READ MORE

Joshua Holland / AlterNet

5 Reasons Michele Bachmann Is the New Sarah Palin

Is Bachmann the new Palin? Or is sexism the reason the similarities between 2008's GOP VP candidate and 2012's contender keep popping up? READ MORE

Sarah Seltzer / AlterNet

The Reason CEOs Make 350 Times More Money Than Their Workers -- And Why That's Terrible for the Economy

The top dogs have a huge interest in allocating corporate resources to jack up their companies' stock prices, thanks to some terrible decisions by the SEC. READ MORE

William Lazonick / New Deal 2.0

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12 Ways Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire Has Made the World Worse

Rupert Murdoch has done a whole lot more damage over his career than what is being revealed in the hacking scandal. READ MORE

By Russ Baker /


DSK's Alleged Victim Is Speaking Out -- Will She Get a Shot at Justice?

Strauss-Kahn is accused of rape. So why does it seem like his victim is on trial? READ MORE

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / AlterNet


Obama Is No Victim of the Right Wing -- He's Pandered to Corporate Interests for Years

The evidence is clear that Obama is an often-willing servant of corporate interests -- not serving their interests only because the GOP forced him to. READ MORE

By Jeff Cohen / AlterNet


8 Dumbest, Most Insensitive Right-Wing Reactions to the Norway Shooting

The right-wing media has engaged in brazen finger-pointing and insensitivity toward the victims and other innocent parties. READ MORE

By Mark Howard / AlterNet


Captain America, The Problems With Nostalgia, and The Search For A Hero

The new Captain America movie is a trip into World War II nostalgia, but it misses its chance to actually make a point about today's politics. READ MORE

By Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet


Why the Christian Right Becomes More Extreme As America Grows More Tolerant

The political movement is "revenge"-based, rather than rooted in any particular Christian philosophy. READ MORE

By Richard L. Fricker / Consortium News


In Death, Amy Winehouse Becomes Most Recent Member of 27 Club

Amy Winehouse died this Saturday at age 27, making her the latest recruit to the elusive "Twenty-Seven" club, where she joins the ranks of Joplin, Hendrix, and Cobain. READ MORE

By Kristen Gwynne / AlterNet

Detroit Becomes First City in Michigan to Ban Fracking
By Food and Water Watch


Why Conservatives Behave More Like a Bizarre Religious Cult, Than a Legitimate Political Entity
By Digby | Hullabaloo


John Boehner's Debt Crisis Plan to "Stop" the President
By Steve Benen | Washington Monthly


Russell Brand's Moving Tribute to Amy Winehouse, Dead at 27
By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd | AlterNet

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