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Friday, July 22, 2011


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Subject: 21st Century Slaves | The "Wacky Idea" That Could Save Us From Default | 5 Craziest GOP Candidate Statements


21st-Century Slaves: How Corporations Exploit Prison Labor

In the eyes of the corporation, inmate labor is a brilliant strategy in the eternal quest to maximize profit. READ MORE

Rania Khalek / AlterNet

There's One Solution to the Debt Fight That Could Avert Catastrophe -- Why Is Everyone Ignoring It?

When you're this far down the rabbit-hole, who's to say which ideas are crazy and which are serious? READ MORE

Joshua Holland / AlterNet

Are Your Humanitarian Heartstrings Being Tugged in the Name of Empire?

Author James Peck's new book 'Ideal Illusions' challenges our basic assumptions about the universal crusade for human rights. READ MORE

James Peck / Metropolitan Books

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The Unemployed Aren't Invisible: Washington and the Media Just Aren't Paying Attention

America's 14.1 million unemployed aren't voiceless; it's just that no one is listening, and no one's got a plan to help them. READ MORE

By Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet


The 5 Craziest Things Spouted by the GOP Presidential Hopefuls ... Just This Week

It's been a banner week for 2012 contenders, and we're only at the beginning. READ MORE

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / AlterNet


2011 Has Already Seen A Record Number of Anti-Abortion Laws--And It's Only Half Over

In just the first half of this year, states have enacted a whopping 162 new laws relating to reproductive health--and nearly half of them restrict abortion access. READ MORE

By Bryan Gerhart / ColorLines


Whichever Debt Deal We Get, Our Government Is Getting Cleavered

A new report shows that no matter which budget plan we wind up with, some important programs will be getting cut. READ MORE

By Josh Eidelson / AlterNet


Vision: Progressives Consider Using Tea Party Tactics to Rebuild the American Dream

At a "Rebuild the Dream" meeting, Brooklyn progressives ponder whether they have to act like the Tea Party in order to inspire change. READ MORE

By Rae Gomes / AlterNet


5 Protests That Shook the World (With Laughter)

Great moments in "laughtivism" from Yes Men Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, the guys who duped the BBC, embarrassed Dow Chemical, and mocked Halliburton. READ MORE

By The Yes Men / YES! Magazine


How the Toxic Tar Sands Industry Fuels the Ubiquitous Aluminum Can

One in six of the 100 billion soda, beer and juice cans we use each year owe their existence to Alberta's tar sands. The result is an environmental disaster. READ MORE

By Geoff Dembicki / CorpWatch

Cenk Uygur Press Conference: I Left MSNBC So I Could Tell the Truth
By Adele M. Stan | AlterNet


The Grand Bargain Between Obama and Boehner: Which Side Loses Most?
By Steve Benen | Washington Monthly


Has California's Prison Hunger Strike Really Ended?
By Jamilah King | ColorLines


Amusement Park Tells Lesbian To Remove Gay Marriage Shirt
By Kristen Gwynne | AlterNet


A Little Town In Arkansas Threatens To Ban Free Speech In The Home
By Rae Gomes | AlterNet


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Would Lose His Seat To Bruce Springsteen If Voters Went To The Polls Today
By Tom Jensen | Public Policy Polling


Will the Obama Administration Prosecute Murdoch?
By Adele M. Stan | AlterNet

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