Monday, April 24, 2017

Republicans caught CHEATING [urgent]


BREAKING: Republicans try to STOP Democrats from voting in Montana’s Special Election

We’ve seen them get away with stunts like this in the past. NOT THIS TIME!

Stop Republicans from STEALING the Montana Election →

Friends, this is APPALLING:

Republicans in Montana’s state legislature just blocked mail-in voting for their Special Election because they believed it favored “Democratic voters.”

Why? Because low-income citizens, seniors, and minorities are more likely to vote by mail.

Republicans are trying to keep these voters away from the ballot box in order to win this election.

We cannot let them disenfranchise voters and rig this CRITICAL election.

This effort to stop Democrats from voting is costing Montana BIG TIME:

Montana will spend $750,000 to avoid making it easier for Democrats to vote - 4/19/17

Republicans are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars just to ensure that they have the upper hand in the upcoming election.

Because to be quite honest, they’re terrified that we’re going to turn Montana blue!! They’ve seen the strength of the Trump Resistance, and they know this is going to be a close race.

Look -- we can’t let them steal this election from us. And we REFUSE to let them get away with these disgusting tactics in broad daylight.

But we need your help. Add your name now to our URGENT petition and stand against Republican voter suppression in Montana and across the country:

Thanks for signing your name,

- The Progressive Turnout Project

[1] Think Progress | Montana will spend $750,000 to avoid making it easier for Democrats to vote | 4.19.17


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Bernie Sanders JUST announced:

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Bernie Sanders just endorsed our Special Election campaign!!
I look forward to campaigning with Rob in May and working with him in Congress - Bernie Sanders
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With just weeks until the Special Election, and SuperPACs spending MILLIONS to defeat us, this couldn’t have come at a better time!!
Please sign your name right now to stand with Bernie to WIN the Montana Special Election:
Bernie knows that Rob will fight for working families and stand up to Wall Street and Special Interests.
That’s why he’s going ALL-IN to send Rob to Congress and deal a HUGE defeat to the millionaires trying to buy this election.
But we can’t win without your help. If you agree with Bernie, please sign your name right now:
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