Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Week's New Music

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After "Break Free," "Problem," and "Bang Bang" we're ready for everything Ariana Grande's got... Her latest album, My Everything is here and features collaborations with The Weeknd, Big Sean, Cashmere Cat and more.
New Releases
Royal Blood
Royal Blood
Where I Belong
Cris Cab
Moonshine in the Trunk
Brad Paisley
Brill Bruisers
The New Pornographers
Be Impressive
The Griswolds
The Belt
In The Valley Below
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Spotify Sessions 2014
Spotify Sessions
Spotify Sessions are intimate and exclusive concerts from around the globe. Follow this playlist to hear this year's hottest performances.
2014 VMAs
Did you see it all go down at this year's VMAs? Live/re-live one of music's most important nights with this playlist of all of Sunday's nominees and performers.
Maroon 5
Maroon 5's VMA performance this weekend didn't disappoint! Don't miss their brand new track "Animals", along with some tunes they currently have on repeat.
Summer '14 Mix
Reggaeton legend Yandel shares his favorite tracks of this summer. Tune in now and get your groove on!
Lift A Sail: Music That Inspired the Album
Pop punk heroes Yellowcard bring you back to the beach with their new single, "One Bedroom." This playlist features all that, plus all the band's current favorites.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ANN COULTER LETTER (It's a capitol B)


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August, 21 2014

No facts, no peace

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Ann Coulter Letter | Powerful Conservative Voices
It's important to remember that, in police shooting cases like the one in Ferguson, Missouri, the initial facts are often wrong. You don't want to end up looking like Rich Lowry, National Review editor, whose March 23, 2012, column on the Trayvon Martin shooting was titled, "Al Sharpton Is Right."
Early accounts are especially unreliable when reporters think they have a white racism story. Stirring up racial hatred is how journalists make up for sending their own kids to lily-white private schools.;
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