Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fwd: World's best eco-Arab architects


What's inside? 24 shirts in one, world's best Arab architects who are green, electric avenue (for buses)

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Ingenious shirt worn 24 ways

Designer takes the word transformer clothes to new level


Kill-less meat 

New advance makes it possible to eat meat without killing animals

Desperate zoo animals in Egypt turn to cannibalism

Baboons are eating each other alive

Abayas turn into fashion statements using nanotechnology

Dubai designer turns black abaya green

Real life Paleo people ate turtles

Conservationists won't like what the Paleo Diet included

Egypt's Karm Solar supplies home-grown sun

They might not answer our emails, but they're collecting good, sunny energy for the people

The 3 green Arab architects the world needs to know

We know Hassan Fathy's greatness and the over-the-top Zaha Hadid. These 3 Arab architects are truly worthy of sustainable accolades

Electroad is latest concept for electric public transport

After Israel fails with electric car charge stations, entrepreneurs envision a better future way of getting around

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