Saturday, July 4, 2015

PoliticusUSA's Newsletter for 07/04/2015

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Friday Fox Follies – Shark Jumps Trump, Fox Takes Lumps

Another bad week for Fox "News" as the entire free-thinking world rejected 2 iconic symbols the station venerates: the Confederate flag and former-Curvy Couch Potato Donald Trump.

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One Of The Nation’s Most Influential Labor Leaders Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders close up
Bernie Sanders has picked up a key endorsement as one of the nation's most influential labor leaders has announced his support for the Democratic presidential candidate.

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Mike Huckabee Vows To Resist Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling With Executive Orders

mike huckabee 2
Huckabee declared that he would sign executive orders protecting businesses and churches who oppose gay marriage.

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Confederate Flag Designer Said It Is A Symbol Of White Supremacy – Not Southern Heritage

Confederate Flag Design
Many Americans of all races today refer to any of the Confederacy's flags as "the white supremacist's flag" and they would not have been wrong during the Civil War and they are certainly not wrong in the 21st Century

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Special Prosecutors Seek To Indict Texas Attorney General For First Degree Felony Fraud

Ken Paxton
Special prosecutors are planning to present a first-degree felony securities fraud case against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

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President Obama Kills Scott Walker’s White House Dream By Exposing His Record Of Failure

President Obama put a stake through the heart of Scott Walker's chances of winning the White House by exposing the Walker's record of economic failure to a national audience.

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MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Tells PoliticusUSA Why Bernie Sanders Is Surging

PoliticusUSA recently caught with MSNBC's Ed Schultz, who offered some interesting reasons why Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls.

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Editorial Cartoon: 4th of July


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Fox News’ Eric Bolling Says Progressive Boycotts are Economic Terrorism

The gang on Fox News' The Five absolutely lost it when Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city is reviewing its contracts with Donald Trump

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